About Us

Ataün Law Office is founded by Ms. Didem Ataün having completed 20 years of professional experience following her registration with the Istanbul Bar Association in 2002.

We believe in the rule of law, the importance of merit, the division of powers, and the independence of the defense and the judiciary.

Ataün Law Firm draws its strength from its principled and independent stance, from its team members and business partners who are fair, honest, respectful, well-mannered, helpful, caring, and empathetic to both their clients and colleagues.

Our team, which does not hesitate to transfer and share its experience and knowledge gained in the profession, acts with a solution-oriented, conflict-preventing, and analytical approach by pursuing an understanding of excellence in its services.

Our success lies in our capabilities for evaluating social and scientific disciplines interacting with each other, keeping up with actual developments in business, providing fast service, producing legal alternatives under stress with a unique legal logic, observing the balance of benefit and harm, and our ability to see the big picture. Thus, we increase the quality of our services day by day.

We support social responsibility projects, especially giving utmost importance to the education and development of our young colleagues. We are devoted to opening the way for them and sensible in guiding them throughout their professional careers. Likewise, regardless of whether they are professionally occupied or not, we support women in their careers and we are always ready to back all social responsibility projects involving them.

Regardless of religion, language, race, color, age, ethnic origin, class, or gender, wherever in the world, we are ready to have and welcome you as clients. Having been bound by the laws of the Republic of Turkey, we also respect and apply universal legal principles. We are at your service with our distinctive approach and highest quality.